Downloading the Package: Ouroborus!

You have chosen to partake of our journey and download Project Ouroborus. It is proper that a prayer be said at the commencement of a sojourn, and whether this be a fanciful stroll along the forest's edge or a lifetime voyage you now undertake, we pray that you may find in this material inspiration for your own contemplation, and that thus inspired you may then give back to others that each may follow his or her path, and all together we may profit.

Here we present our lapis philosophorum, that those with eyes may see it:

Project Ouroborus - version 0.1.0 (.zip 82KB)

And some additional information:

Installation Instructions

Windows: Ouroborus has been successfully installed and run on Windows XP. We do not have an installer wizard at this time (offers of help perfectly welcome...) but the procedure is pretty straightforward:

  1. Download the .zip file and unzip it.
  2. Move the whole ouroborus folder into your Python site-packages directory. It will typically be found at c:\Python24\Lib\site-packages
  3. You're really done, but to make matters simpler, you could paste a copy of onto your desktop or other readily accessible location - just double click on it and pronto! Ouroborus is running...

UNIX: All of our code is written in either Python or Pyrex, and should be platform-independent; however half-hearted attempts at running Ouroborus on OS-X failed...if you wish to have a go, please report your success (or lack thereof). As a guess, the dos2unix utiity could be of that what it's called? (blushing)



List of Dependencies

Python prouds itself to be backwards-compatible, so if you download the newest versions of the following software Ouroborus should in theory run perfectly fine. Sadly, we have found this to be false. We are currently working in solving our dependency issues; however if you download and install the versions provided here (once again for Windows only, apologies to UNIX hackers), you should be able to get Ouroborus up and running.

Python: Download an old version, 2.3.4, of this paragon of free languages. The newest build may be downloaded from the official website. Ouroborus would not be at all without Guido's precious gem. version tested: 2.3.4

wxPython: This is a prerequisite for running Pygame. The version we use is 2.6-Unicode. You may of course check out wxPython's own website. version tested: 2.6-win32-unicode2.6.1.0-Python2.3

Pygame: A package designed primarily for video game display. Here we offer version 1.6 for guaranteed compatibility. Download the latest version from its homepage. This is used by the view modules. version tested: 1.6-win32-Python2.3

Numeric: A no-longer-maintained package also known as numeric Python. It is used by the view and mundem modules. The version needed by Ouroborus at present is Numeric 24.2. version tested: 24.2-win32-Python2.3

Pyrex: An extension of Python which allows you to effortlessly optimise otherwise sluggish code. Look for it in its own website. The birdcage cellular automaton engine is written in this language. YOU DO NOT NEED TO INSTALL PYREX in order to run Ouroborus, but you do if you wish to tinker with the engine. Here is the version we used. version tested: 0.9.3



Earlier Releases

A complete downloadable list of earlier releases, in reverse chronological order, for those interested in our obscure history. Please remember to remove the version number from the downloaded directory's name, if you wish to run it!